Painting and Waterproofing

Painting and waterproofing in many cases go hand in hand, whether you are waterproofing a leaking roof or waterproofing your walls to cure damp problems. Preparation is the most important aspect of the waterproofing process, the better the surface has been prepared before the waterproofing application is done, the longer the waterproofing solution will last. And as I am sure you know by now, you will notice if the application has not been done properly. Just wait for the first rain, it will be tested. Interior and Exterior Painting Preparation once again is a crucial part of internal and external painting, especially external walls. External walls always has a different plaster texture that we would need to match when we do crack repairs. A proper assessment will be done, there are certain key problems that we would need to address, before we can start painting.
  • Damp (Rising damp, descending damp or penetration damp)
  • Flaking paint
  • Plaster damage
  • Cracks
  • Rust on window frames
  • Rust on gutters and downpipes
  • Damage to facia boards
Painting Process
  • Remove all flaking paint
  • Repair all cracks and imperfections on the surface
  • Sanding and matching of surface texture
  • Wash walls (High pressure if needed)
  • Damp proof where needed
  • Waterproof walls
  • Painting of walls
Please note: Raw Plaster walls or newly plastered walls will be painted with a universal plaster primer before painting can commence with the top coat. Roof coating and repairs Uniproof waterproofing of Universal paints is a brush on waterproofing application with built fibers that does not require the use of membrane, although membrane can be used along with Uniproof waterproofing on more challenging surfaces. The Painting Company makes use of universal waterproofing products for concrete, tiled and steel roofs.

Exterior Painting

Gutters and Facia Boards

Exterior-Painting Guttes-and-Facia-Boards
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Damp Proofing

Roof Coating and Repairs

Damp-Rising Roof-Coating-and-Repairs
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Window Frames

Waterproofing Window-Painting
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