The Painting Company


for residential & commercial painting projects

We offer competitive and affordable painting solutions for commercial painting, residential homes and industrial spaces. A fresh coat of paint can raise the “Visual Value” of your home or business, which is why hiring a company like The Painting Company is such an important consideration for all your renovation plans. A sub-standard painting solution by untrained service providers will start to show unsightly mistakes like streaks and drips immediately and will result in long term costs for the client to have it cleaned up and repainted.  All work done by The Painting Company is guaranteed.

Our Vision

“Preparation is the single most important aspect of painting external walls, in essence the better your wall preparation has been done, the better it will look and the longer the paint is going to last.”

Excellence is not a singular act, it’s a habit! You are what you repeatedly do.

Our Goal

The Painting Company would like to set the standard in an industry where standards have become something of the past, something that is still expected and promised by many but only delivered upon by a few.

We promise exceptional workmanship, service, quality products, durability and accountability in all aspects of our work